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When we talk about 'survivalism' we are here going to go into this in a holistic way again, combining the arts of survival, bushcraft, outdoor craft, woodland crafts, Nature-worship, self-reliance and self-sufficiency. All of these can form part of one's individual training, thus developing an individual who is self-reliant and as self-sufficient as possible, not reliant upon the State or on the Global Corporations, as the majority of people are today. We are not talking about survival in such situations as the Special Forces have to face, but in our survival as individuals, groups and our Nation as a whole. This is why our work is done at an individual level, and what we do is to take this up with the intention of leading by example and encouraging others to follow suit. 

For those who wish to go further into this we have created a link between this site and a Google Blogger called 'Survival' or 'Guerilla Survivalism'. This is where you will find our ideas for personal use - but remember, only by training yourself through constant repetition will you become proficient enough to be able at least to know the basics of survival, and this knowledge may one day serve you as it should. In the least it will make you more self-reliant and thus more confident.